Gypsum History
Gypsum History

Manufacturing and Quality

  • Raw Material :
  1. 1 - Physical analysis is being executed inside stone pit, before moving material to factory ----site.
  2. 2 - Chemical and physical analysis in addition to analysis for purity percentage of the raw 3 - material, as soon as material trucks reach factory site.
  3. 4 - Product :

- - -Routine samples, on hourly basis, would be taken during manufacturing - - - - - - -process starting from :

  1. 1 - Calcined stage: Gypsum from Electrical rotating furnace, where it will be calcined, will - - -be analyzed before proceeding in milling stage.
  2. 2 - Gypsum milling stage: Routine samples will be taken to insure compliance of gypsum - - -to required specification before loading.
  3. 3 - Gypsum loading stage: routine samples will be taken also to ensure product integrity - - - -and quality before delivery to customer.
  4. 4 - Bags :

There will be some required checks relating to bags, matching bags size to required specifications, printing colors as for the specified color number, through standard color PANTONE. As well as paper weight in order to stand for product weight and matching standard specification. Also, paper explosion force, so as to be able to fill bags and ensuring their durability.

  • In other words, product is been monitored starting from raw material up to delivery of final product on the truck.

Additional advantage to Rowad gypsum rather than other gypsum products which is :

It is possible to increase or decrease product setting time. As well as increasing or decreasing product compressive strength. Also, it is possible to increase product fineness percentage as per customer requirements as It is possible for roughness percentage to reach 0%. All these benefits would be performed under supervision of quality and lab management, they have already authorized certificates from NIS (National Institute for Standard) in Egypt.

Laboratories and Quality Control management is characterized by working according to the up to date lab analysis techniques and quality control methods. This is being applied according to the Egyptian Standard Specifications, also according to the American Standard Specification (ASTM), and the European Standard Specification (EN).

Lab and quality control management perform all types of chemical and physical analysis concerning the product throughout all manufacturing stages.