Gypsum History
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It is an joint Egyptian company, one if the leader companies in gypsum field and its derivatives industry. It is consisted from Shahin industry Meluctus alorem aecenas trisue orcidanec sitame taseorem ipsum dolor sit aconsectet gdffdffdsfu adipiscing urisera ferment laoreet aliquam leo. Shaheen company got many certificates in quality Lraah these certificates please click on the Red More.  

Our Company  

      First Factory:
      Plaster Of  Paris production factory (P.O.P).
      Production capacity 150,000 Tons annually.

Second Factory:
Gypsum Alpha Production Factory
Production capacity 5,000 Tons annually.

Third Factory:
Sanitary Ware Gypsum
Production Capacity 25,000 Tons Annually
**The company is planning constructing fourth Gypsum Factory for producing Plaster Boards.